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Dk Healthcare Services, Inc

11700 s Western Ave, Suite 13-14
(773) 298-9322

User Review of Dk Healthcare Services, Inc

Review Submitted Wednesday, August 7, 2013
2 out of 5 stars by this reviewer
2.0 out of 5 stars average user rating
out of 5 stars by the government

I'm not impressed with the quality of the nurse caring for my mother as her visits are not consistent and her evaluations (if done) are incompetent at best, negligent at worst. My mother was not compliant with taking her meds for well over a year, yet this 'nurse' was unaware and should have been. She did not recognize my Mom's increasing resp. distress on at least 2 occasions which resulted in 2 hospitalizations that might have been prevented. After being discharged from the hospital after a 10 day stay, no 'nurse' came to visit my Mom for nearly a month. The 2nd hospitalization occurred after nurse started visiting Mom 2x/wk, yet I could hear my mother's resp. distress 2000 miles away over the phone, advised her to go see her doctor, she was admitted to hospital STAT. The nursing Supv. advised me that the home nurse would call me with updates and it's been months and she never has. My Mom says her 'nurse' is nice, but being nice won't keep your loved ones out of a hospital.