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Heaven's Touch Nursing Services LLC

7124 Forest Hill Ave
(804) 377-6966

User Review of Heaven's Touch Nursing Services LLC

Review Submitted Tuesday, June 18, 2013
1 out of 5 stars by this reviewer
1.0 out of 5 stars average user rating
out of 5 stars by the government

The owner is very confrontational and seems angry more often than not causing you to even wonder what you did wrong when you are the one that chose the company to start with.

It feels like they assume you are not wanting to help or care for your family member and treat everyone without giving them the benefit of the doubt or and stereotyping/generalizing everyone to what must have been their worse client ever. I spend more time fighting the company than living my own life. Wouldn't recommend

There is no notice of a person calling out to give the family a chance to reorganize, they don't require working on holidays (per the staff) leaving the family with no help. They do not let you know when your respite hours requested can't be fulfilled. I personally was told by the nurse as she left the day I had planned for more help. Tenure with the company means nothing to them.

It could be just something I did after almost 4 years of using the company but they didn't show me any CARE in a field where care is what they are payd to do. oxymoron