California Home Health Agencies

There are 523 agencies providing services in Glendale, California
21st Century Nursing Services, Inc75
24/7 Home Health Services58
360 Home Health Agency5589
A & G Home Health Care, Inc
A & P Home Health, Inc62
A and E Home Health Services, Inc
A Bion Home Health Care, Inc5483
A Flying Eagle Home Health4470
A to Z Home Health, Inc3381
A's Home Health Care, Inc61
A-1 Home Health Care3473
A-Biz Health Systems67
A1 Unlimited Home Health Care, Inc
Aaa Home Health Care Inc66
Aaa Home Health Services, Inc58
Able Hands Home Health Care85
Absolute Home Health Agency, Inc
Abundant Home Health Care, Inc,96
Aca Home Health Care Inc95
Acacia Home Health Services3366
Access Home Health Care, LLC5584
Accredited Home Health Services3470
Active Health Care, Inc
Active Plus Home Health Care, Inc2254
Adequate Care Home Health
Adult Care Home Health Agency, Inc.75
Advance Home Care, Inc
Advanced Health Care Providers, Inc
Advanced Home Health Care77
Advanced Home Health Services, Inc
Advent Healthcare Services, Inc2366
Adventist Health Home Care Services3273
Advocate Home Health
Affiliated Home Health Services Inc2254
Affinity Health Care Providers, Inc73
Ag Home Care, Inc
Agm Home Health Care, Inc
Aid Home Health Care, Inc87
All Care Home Health Provider1152
All Med Home Health Srvs43
All-Access Home Health, Inc75
Alleviation Healthcare Services, Inc2261
Alliance Home Health Care Services, Inc.2364
Allied Home Health Care Corporation3267
Allied Home Health Corp
Allstar Home Healthcare, Inc
Aloha Healthcare
Alpha Home Health70
Also Home Health Care, Inc
Alta Home Health, Inc
Alta Vista Health Services
Althia Home Healthcare, Inc.68
Am & Pm Home Health Agency, Inc
Amax Home Health Inc66
Amenity Health Services, Inc93
Americade Home Health Agency83
American Care Home Health, Inc76
American Dream Home Health Care, Inc60
American Home Health, Inc.2257
American Homecare Health Services2274
Americare Home Health, Inc2260
Angel Care Home Health, Inc3270
Apex Home Health Care, Inc94
Arcam Home Health Care
Argus Home Health, Inc87
Arming Home Health, Inc92
Arpi, Inc Home Health Care4581
Ars Health Care, Inc
As'lief Home Health
Asherah Home & Palliative Care, Inc68
Asklepius Home Health, Inc3379
Asn Horizon Home Health, Inc
Aspire Healthcare Services72
Assisted Home Care3376
Assisted Home Health4483
Assisted Home Health3370
Assured Home Health Care, Inc
Assuredcare Home Health Services, Inc
Attentive Services Home Health Inc67
Avg Home Health Care, Inc.
Avia Home Health Services, Inc40
Balanced Living, a Home Health Agency, Inc4584
Bethany Home Health Care70
Better Health Home Care79
Bliss Home Health Care, Inc
Bliss Home Health, Inc
Blue Ribbon Home Health, Inc60
Blue Sky Home Health, Inc89
Bonum Home Health Services3368
Broadway Home Health Services, Inc4266
California Healthcare Management Group, Inc
California Home Health83
California Nursing & Home Health Care, Inc
California People's Home Health, Inc.
Calipso Home Health Care Inc2371
Camarillo Hhca Inc92
Capital Home Health Care
Care & Support Home Health, Inc
Care 1st Health Services
Care for All Health Services Inc100
Care for All Home Health Care Inc5594
Care Providers, Inc86
Care Sharing Home Health100
Caresation, LLC
Caress Home Health Providers, Inc89
Caretech Home Health, Inc4361
Caritas Home Health Providers, Inc97
Central California Home Health, Inc.49
Central Coast Healthcare Services Inc76
Central Home Health Agency5585
Certified Home Health Care Inc
Circle of Life Home Health, Inc
City of Angels Best Care, Inc72
City of Dreams Home Healthcare, Inc65
Citywide Home Care, Inc53
Columbia Excel Home Health Care76
Comcare Home Health, Inc2260
Community Home Health Care Services96
Compassionate Care Home Health66
Compassionate Care Home Health, Inc.
Comprehensive Health Care, Inc67
Concord Home Health Care2371
Core Home Health Agency, Inc5588
Cosmopolitan Healthcare Inc77
Covenant Home Health of California
Cross Care, Inc100
Crown Home Health Corporation69
Crystal Clear Home Health, Inc65
Crystalcare Home Health, Inc
Curing Hands Home Health, Inc4477
Daylight Home Health Services, Inc4577
Dedicated Home Health Care64
Dedicated Home Health Services, Inc
Deistic Home Health Care, Inc5579
Delight Home Health Care
Dependable Home Care Services Inc74
Descanso Home Health Services, Inc
Devoted Nurses Home Health Care, Inc87
Direct Nursing Services, Inc5580
Divine Grace Home Health, Inc85
Divine Mercy Home Health Care, Inc
Dynamic Home Care2257
Dynamic Home Health98
Eagle Home Health
Ease & Comfort Home Health, Inc
Easy Life Home Health Care, Inc.72
Eclipse Home Health Care, Inc81
Eden Home Health, Inc.5484
Eden Home Healthcare Inc2275
Egeia Home Health, Inc.96
Egida Home Health Care, Inc30
Elegance Healthcare, Inc
Elite Home Care, Inc2159
Elite Home Health, Inc
Elpis Home Health
Emiza Home Health Care, Inc
Enhanced Home Health Care, Inc
Envision Home Health Services, Inc40
Epic Homecare Inc4584
Erg Home Health Provider, Inc1155
Eternity Home Health, Inc74
Everloving Home Health, Inc.4582
Executive Home Health, Inc4483
Express Services Healthcare, Inc,83
Faith & Hope Home Health, Inc.5583
Family Care Home Health Agency, Inc
Family Health Services, Inc67
Family Home Health Care, Inc
Favorite Care Home Health, Inc
Fergus Home Health, Inc93
Fidelity Home Health Care Inc3280
First Aid Home Health Care, Inc5587
First Hand Home Health, Inc
First Response Home Care, Inc86
First Smile Home Health Care3371
First Touch Home Health Care, Inc52
Five Star Quality Healthcare, Inc89
Founding Fathers Health Care, Inc69
Fountain Home Health, Inc78
G T S Home Health Services, Inc100
Gems Homehealth Care Services, Inc.
Generations Healthcare Agency, Inc
Gentle Care Home Health Services, Inc3383
Gentle Healing/care Inc
Gentle Touch Health Services, Inc4376
Gentle Touch Home Health Care, Inc.5587
Gl Home Health Care, Inc75
Glendale Home Health Care0
Glenview Home Health, Inc
Global Home Health, Inc82
Glory Home Health, Inc
Golden Age Home Healthcare, Inc87
Golden Century Home Health Care, Inc88
Golden Heart Home Health Care
Golden Hearts Home Health5591
Golden Star Home Health Care
Goldencare Home Health Agency, Inc
Good Choice Home Health, Inc64
Good Life Home Health Care Services, In
Good Shepherd Home Health, LLC
Good Spirit Home Health Services, Inc81
Goodwill Plus, Inc77
Gracious Home Health, Inc85
Grandcare Home Health Services4477
Grapevine Homecare, Inc64
Guardian Angel Home Health Inc91
Guardian Home Health, Inc55100
Hana Home Care65
Happy Home Health Services2256
Harvard Health Services, Inc78
Healing Care Home Health, Inc90
Healing Orchid Home Health Care, Inc
Healing Wave Home Health Agency, Inc
Health Quest Homecare, Inc
Healthnet Home Care Services, Inc3270
Healthways Home Health Services, Inc2262
Healthy Choice Home Care, Inc64
Healthy Family Home Health Care, Inc
Healthy Life Home Care, Inc100
Healthy Life Home Health Care, Inc4478
Heart, Inc
Heartsaver Home Health Care Services, Inc
Heaven Home Health Care, Inc61
Heavenly Home Healthcare, Inc62
Heralds Home Health75
Hhs Homecare, Inc
High Quality Home Health Agency, Inc68
Highland Home Healthcare, Inc5588
Hollywood Health Services, Inc
Hollywood Home Health Services3369
Hollywood Home Health Services, Inc69
Home Care Prominence
Home Health 2u, Inc92
Home Health 4u, Inc3372
Home Health Care Dynasty2266
Home Health Integrated Services Inc
Home Health Plus Services, Inc68
Home Health Svcs of Ca, Inc
Homebound Health Care Services94
Horizon Health Care Systems, Inc85
Hye Nurses Home Health Inc100
Hygeia Home Care, Inc100
I&v Home Health, Inc.100
Ibolit Home Health, Inc95
Icare Home Health Services, Inc
Icure Home Health, Inc
Ideal Care Home Health, Inc2264
Ihpc Home Health, Inc
Immaculate Home Health Providers5589
Immediate Home Health Services, Inc
Independence Home Health, Inc93
Infinity Healthcare Solutions, Inc
Inhouse Care Services, Inc
Inland Wellness Health Care Inc75
Innovative Home Health Care71
International Home Health Care, Inc66
Intra Care Home Health Providers, Inc76
Inview Home Health Care, Inc
J & L Home Health Services, Inc59
J and S Home Health Services, Inc
K & a Care, Inc.
K & K Home Health Care, Inc
Kaiser Foundation Hospital Los Angeles Hha3372
Karmega Home Health Care, Inc
Klm Home Health, Incorporated56
Kna Home Health, Inc86
Korean Town Home Care89
Kristoraf Home Health, Inc
L & a Home Health Care, Inc86
L a Care Provider96
L a Family Home Health Inc56
L P G Health Care, Inc
L&g Home Health, Inc
L&r Home Health, Inc
La Best Home Health Inc.90
La Guardian Health Care Inc
La Wellness Health Care, Inc95
Lavanda Home Health Care Agency, Inc65
Legacy Homecare, Inc80
Lerose Home Health Care, Inc4285
Libra Home Health Care, Inc.5572
Life Care Home Health2354
Lifelink Health Providers, Inc2267
Liha Home Health Care, Inc
Lira Home Health, Inc84
Lotus Home Health Care, Inc96
Loyalty Home Health, Inc81
Luna Home Health, Inc95
M J Home Health Services, Inc95
M.g.a. Home Health Services, Inc.86
Majestic Home Health Care, Inc90
Matrix Home Health71
Maximum Care Providers, Inc93
Maxlife Home Care Services, Inc57
Mbc Home Health Services, Inc.93
Med Care Plus Home Health Inc4578
Med-Life Home Health, Inc
Medco Home Health Care Inc
Medi-Art Home Health Care, Inc
Medi-Kare 1, Inc
Media Home Health3474
Medpro Home Health Agency, Inc
Melora Home Health Care, Inc
Meraki Home Health Care Inc
Mercury Home Health Services, Inc
Metropolitan Healthcare, Inc59
Metropolitan Home Health60
Mid Valley Home Health Care, Inc.85
Millennium Home Health Care, Inc87
Miracle Home Health Care, Inc2262
Miracle Life Home Health Inc
Mission Home Health Services, Inc2159
Mlh Healthcare, Inc4480
Mobility Home Health Services, Inc
Montrose Home Healthcare, Inc77
Moreno Home Health Services5591
Mother Theresa's Home Health Services4489
Mvh Home Health, Inc
N & a Home Health Care, Inc
N & D Healthcare Services Inc4478
National Home Health, Inc
Nationwide Home Health Care, Inc55
Nca Home Health Care, Inc69
Neat Home Care, Inc85
Neighborhood Home Health Care63
New Beginnings Home Health Care, Inc13
New Century Home Health, Inc97
New Dimension H C
New Horizon Home Health Care3376
Next Door Home Care, Inc
Nh Home Health Care, Inc
Nightingale Home Health, Inc84
Nirvana Home Health, Inc
Nobilis Inc
Noho Home Health Care, Inc51
Nova Skilled Home Health, Inc
Noyan Home Health Care Inc.5590
Nur Home Health Care, Inc.67
Nurse Resource Home Health, Inc2261
Nurses Touch Home Health Provider, Inc1261
Oasis Home Health Care, Inc5596
Oc Home Health Care, Inc
Ocean Side Home Health Services, Inc64
Onoria Health Care Provider Inc Home Health and Ho3369
Open Arms Home Health Care, Inc
Optima Care Home Health Services Inc4476
Optima Health Care, Inc83
Optimal Health Care, Inc
Optimal Home Health55
Orion Home Health Care, Inc.
Oso Home Care, Inc3368
Our Lady of Refuge Home Care, Inc75
Outreach Home Health Services, Inc4370
P.a.l. Loving Care Home Health, Inc.
Pacific Coast Home Health Services, LLC93
Pacific Health Services, Inc
Pacific Home Health Care, Inc
Palms Home Services, Inc
Panacea Group, Inc
Paradise Home Health Care Services, Inc.91
Paramount Home Health Services
Pasadena Home Health Care3482
Patients First Home Health Agency, Inc
Patriot Home Health Care, Inc5599
Peace Home Health
Pegasus Home Health Care, Inc2368
Perspective Home Health Care, Inc
Phoenix Home Health98
Pioneer Home Health Services, Inc
Planet Home Health Care, Inc5585
Platinum Care Home Health, Inc
Pleasant Home Health Care, Inc.5589
Pomona Valley Home Care, Inc65
Practicare Home Health49
Prestige Home Health Care, Inc5580
Prime Nursing Services3279
Primrose Home Health, Inc35
Pristine Home Health Inc79
Privilege Home Health Care Inc61
Proactive Home Health Services, Inc
Professional Care Home Health
Professional Care Home Health Services Inc2262
Professional Home Health Care, Inc
Progress Home Health Care Inc
Progress Home Health, Inc
Progressive 2000 Hhc5587
Progressive Home Health Care, Inc100
Prohealth Home Care Services, Inc.
Prohealth Homecare Agency, Inc95
Prolific Health Care, Inc2358
Promed Care Home Health, Inc.96
Prominent Home Health Care, Inc
Prompt Home Health, Inc
Prosper Home Health Care, Inc
Providence Home Care4475
Provident Home Health, Inc
Pure Life Home Health Care, Inc98
Purity Home Health Services51
R & a Home Health Services, Inc5581
R & G Home Health Care Services, Inc98
Rae Star Health Systems, Inc74
Rafaella Home Health Care, Inc92
Red Oak Home Health Services93
Reliance Home Health Care, Inc.
Rely Able Home Health Care89
Remedy Health Care Services Inc
Remedy Home Health Care88
Revive Home Health Care, Inc
Rh Home Health Services, Inc.5590
Rightcare Home Health Services, Inc2262
Rinaldi Home Health Care, Inc49
Rite Care Home Health
Rn Home Health Care, Inc4566
Rodavi Home Health Care Inc.78
Royal Crown Home Health Care, Inc
Royal Homehealth Care, Inc
Saint Iness Home Healthcare, Inc97
Saint Rita Home Health Care, Inc
San Marino Home Health69
Santa Clarita Home Health64
Sb Home Health, Inc
Secure Home Health Care58
Select Care Health Services Inc57
Senior Home Health Care, Inc
Serene Home Health62
Serenity Home Health Care, Inc56
Shant Home Health Care88
Shepherd Home Health Care, Inc26
Shield Home Care, Inc
Shogan Home Health Care
Sierra Home Healthcare Services, Inc4484
Sigma Home Health Care, Inc5588
Silver Star Home Health, Inc82
Simi Plaza Home Care, Inc
Sinai Home Healthcare, Inc90
Sinclair Home Health Services, Inc5597
Sky Home Healthcare, Inc
Smart Care Link, Inc57
So Cal Hha
Socal Home Health, Inc3261
Spirit Home Health Care4471
St Luke Home Health Care, Inc58
St Michael Home Health Care, Inc
Star Home Health94
Starbright Home Health Services
Starpros Home Health Care, Inc
Start of Care Home Health
Sun-Triune Healthcare, Inc53
Sunrise Home Health Inc.71
Superior Care Home Health Agency, Inc80
Superior Home Health Care Services, Inc2
Superior Home Health Services, Inc.4380
Supreme Care Home Health, Inc
T&k Home Health Care
Tender Care Home Health53
Tender Home Health
Tender Loving Touch Home Health, Inc
Tha Home Health Care Inc59
The Doctor's Choice Agency2264
The Doctor's Choice Home Health2258
The Home Care Group, Inc
The Home Health Group, Inc
Thrive Home Health, Inc
Titus Home Health Care, Inc
Top Choice Home Health, Inc
Top Choice Home Healthcare, Inc.4575
Top Line Home Healthcare, Inc90
Total Care Home Health Care, Inc4473
Trinity Home Health, Inc97
True Care Home Health Agency, Inc2273
Trust Home Health Care, Inc67
Trusted Hands Home Health, Inc90
Tujunga Home Health Care, Inc
Twins Quality Home Health Care, Inc52
Ultimate Home Care, Inc91
Ultimate Home Health Care of Beverly Hills88
Unique Hh Srvs3375
Unique Touch Home Healthcare, Inc
Unison Health Services, Inc1263
United Care Home Healthcare Agency, Inc96
United Home Health Agency, Inc69
United Home Health Group
Unity Home Health Providers, Inc
Universal Care Group, Inc
Universal Preventive Home Health Care, Inc93
Us Medtrade Home Healthcare, Inc86
Usa Home Health, Inc98
V & G Home Health, Inc
Valencia Home Care
Valley Care Home Health, Inc.82
Valley Hills Home Health Care, Inc
Valley Home Health Care, Inc77
Valley Home Health, Inc
Valley Village Home Health Inc
Valley's Best Home Health, Inc2153
Vast Home Health, Inc
Vega Home Health Inc
Verdugo Hills Home Care, Inc5596
Verdugo Home Health, Inc4478
Veroma Home Health, Inc80
Vesta Home Health Care
Veteran's Home Health, Inc
Via Plus Home Health, Inc
Victory Home Health Care, Inc5599
Vida Home Health Services Inc74
Vigilans Home Health Services, Inc64
Vineland Home Health Care, Inc
Vista Home Health Care, Inc
Vivian Home Health, Inc
We Care Home Health, Inc72
Wellness Home Health Care Inc65
Wescare Home Health Providers Inc81
West Coast Home Health Care, Inc
West Coast Home Health Management, Inc100
West Valley Home Health Care, Inc
Western Home Care, Inc2263
Western States Homehealth Care Agency, Inc3466
Westside Home Health, Inc.75
White Dove Home Health Care Inc
White Shield Home Health Care Services89
Wisdom Health Care Services, Inc5596
Wish U Well Home Healthcare
Zion Nursing Services, Inc5590